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Floridian Sounds - The place to find out about events in Florida

Floridian Sounds
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Howdy folks.

I am Sam and I am the moderator of this community.
You may have found your way here by way of a number of websites linked to this page or by another LiveJournal user or community.

You do not need to be a member of this community to post. I have put this community here as an extension of the Local Music page on my own website at The Shop, the online home of Dark Star Production Company.

This is an online forum for all musicians, bands, venues, theatre companies showing musicals, independant music production houses based in or from the state of Florida to post information about upcoming events for all to see.

The rules are simple. Please..

..This is obvious, but * Florida * shows, please. Thanks.

..put a relevant title including the nature of the show, the when, where, and admission price. An example might read "Open Mic/The CoffeeHouse/Cocoa Beach/Saturday Night/Free" or "Jerry Garcia Tribute/Cocoa Beach/Aug 8-10/$5.00 per day". This will help folks make a decision about the show. Lets face it, not everyone is into everything, you know?

.. please include relevant information in the post about the show you are posting. Seriously. You *do* want people to come to your show, right?

.. please, no excessively large pictures in the post. Posting of flyers promoting the event is okay but please use some courtesy and common sense. Some folks are still viewing the internet on 800x600. If you're in doubt, please resize your flyer to be nicely viewed as though your monitor resolution is set to 800x600. If the flyer is entirely too large the post will be removed. Seriously. Be kind to your viewing public.

..no disrespecting other bands, musicians, or venues. This community has no time for it and I as the maintainer have no time for it. Any such posts will quietly be removed. It's that simple.

..posting of relevant information about a venue, such as an emergency closing due to unforseen events or a change of venue for a show is allowable. People need to know these things and this is okay.

..crossposting is okay if not taken to an extreme. And, try not to upset the moderators of other communities with crossposting of anything you have posted here. Please.. spread the word.

..if you're not sure then feel free to email Sam at supersix@bellsouth.net. I am easy to get along with.


That's it. It's that simple. If things need to be changed in the future then I'll make y'all aware of it here.