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Get The Spores on the radio

Help us get The Spores on the radio! Thursday, June 29th The Spores were on LA/OC radio station Indie 103.1 to play two songs and do a small interview.

Now we have to show Indie how much we love The Spores. Go to and tell them you want to hear "(Don't) Kill Yourself" off of Imagine the Future. You don't have to be in LA/OC either! Indie broadcasts their radio over the internet! Check it out at That means everyone can request The Spores and don't forget to call your local radio stations either!

And if you haven't done it yet, make sure to pick up your copy of their debut release at your local record store. It's available nationwide, but if you can't find it out there, head over to the Sidecho Store to pick it up there!
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